November 14, 2008

Something completely different

I just couldn't skip the chance to spread the news how to deal with a crippled mouse/keyboard usability for Warhammer Online, a new MMORPG I have been immensely enjoying for a couple of days now.

Unbeknownst to anyone, Mythic disregarded what they've done for Dark Age of Camelot and didn't include such a useful feature as mouselook (called also free mouselook, mouselook toggle or mouselook lock). The only way to freely change the point of view with a mouse while doing other tasks is to keep right mouse button pressed - so annoying when you're used to always looking around like that.

Until Mythic... sorry! ...EA Mythic fixes that that is to employ Autohotkey. Is that a change for good! Give it a try and you'll be amazed at how easily you can get back all your favorite key bindings. All you have to do is to install the software, copy/paste the following code into a text document (e.g. by means of Notepad), save it as a *.AHK file and execute the file (double click it).

Here's the script that binds the mouselook toggle to Control key.

if not GetKeyState("RButton")
Send {RButton Down}
Else if GetKeyState("RButton")
Send {RButton Up}


November 03, 2008

It's On! Psychopathy Red!

This is a place where I'm going to put some transcriptions of rock and metal tunes. They'll be the ones I either wrote myself or corrected if I wasn't happy with the "official", "authorized" or "note-for-note" versions.

Even when I try to come up with better transcriptions of something that has been done before, I'm not going to claim my versions are faultless - I'm only human, right?

The first song is a new tune by Slayer, entitled Psychopathy Red arranged for one guitar - no vocal or solos.

After I have transcribed it, I was alerted by my brother, who I play the song with, that the 1st and 2nd verse may actually be considered as the same. That would require a little change to the intro , that is including an odd-meter bar. I'll add that soon.