August 12, 2009

Psychopathy Red corrected

Recently I was playing the tune along with an amp, which I had never actually done before and noticed some discrepancies. I mistakenly applied the rhythm guitar section underneath the second solo to all choruses and I misheard two notes in the last verse (the second bar). What is typical of Slayer, the aforementioned rhythm section sounds very alike the chorus but is played just half a step higher.

The link to the PDF file.

May 16, 2009

Can't Tell No One

The song I have today is Can't Tell No One by Negative Approach. We play it at a lightning speed making it sound like a speed metal from the 80's! Take no prisoners!

The lyrics are just as great:

People try to tell me what they think is right for me
They think there's some value to what they've gotta say
I won't listen to 'em, I don't need their advice
I wouldn't ever have it any other fuckin' way

Can't tell no one what to do

Rules are made for idiots - people that can't think
I'm treated like I don't have a mind of my own
Stupid fuckin' idiots with stupid fuckin' ideals
When will they ever fuckin' leave me alone?

Pretty straightforward - just as I like it. Have a look at the transcription here.

April 26, 2009

Black Flag - Police Story

Here's another cool song by Black Flag as performed by my band Mechanix. As with all previous songs, this one is also played in a Slayer fashion: fast & full of muted sixteenth.

The link to the file which is stored by a wonderful service,

April 10, 2009


It takes me some time to learn a tune but it would be a very long time if I didn't write down music. I make notes, write down riffs, repetitions and a general flow of a song. It's not a very precise notation, but it serves me well. Once I have the song down, it's not a problem to play it at a rehearsal. Have a look at two songs I will transcribe soon in a more proper format, Necros's Search for Fame and Bad Posture's Get Tough.

February 10, 2009

Black Flag

Although I was going to some other songs, Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag got its chance earlier. It's an easy song which I'm going to play with my band, Mechanix.