May 16, 2009

Can't Tell No One

The song I have today is Can't Tell No One by Negative Approach. We play it at a lightning speed making it sound like a speed metal from the 80's! Take no prisoners!

The lyrics are just as great:

People try to tell me what they think is right for me
They think there's some value to what they've gotta say
I won't listen to 'em, I don't need their advice
I wouldn't ever have it any other fuckin' way

Can't tell no one what to do

Rules are made for idiots - people that can't think
I'm treated like I don't have a mind of my own
Stupid fuckin' idiots with stupid fuckin' ideals
When will they ever fuckin' leave me alone?

Pretty straightforward - just as I like it. Have a look at the transcription here.

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