August 01, 2017

YouTube envy

Browsing YouTube, I found a guy claiming to have figured out the correct way how to play the second riff from Fight Fire with Fire. In the comments section someone asked him to show the harmony part from Fight Fire with Fire and Leper Messiah. As coincidence would have it, I had done both for my own pleasure, so I uploaded my transcriptions to and pointed the viewers to them. However, the channel owner probably didn't like it and promptly deleted both my comments without explanation.

Fuck him.

I thought I could record the songs myself but I have neither a good video camera nor video editing skills so it would be quite shitty looking. Then I remembered I had this very blog and decided to update it with some transcriptions of mine. That's how the previous post about FFWF came up and that's how the next one will come as well. Stay tuned and look forward to Leper Messiah!

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